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Big Boobs

If we talk about one quality that all the men like in girls, then I would name big boobs for that. All the men show more affection toward those girls that have big and sexy boobs. Here, if you will ask why all the men are infatuated toward big boobs in girls, then you might not get any answer for that. I am not sure if I would be able to give a straight forward answer for that, but here in this article I am sharing some of my opinions that might give an answer for same to you.

Human biology: The attraction for big and sexy breasts are connected with human biology and this is one our genes now. When men see girls, then first they look at the face and then they look at the breasts of women. If they find breasts are big and attractive then they show more interest in those girls or they automatically look for other options if they have any. Mostly men do not do it in an intentional manner and they do it jus on the automatic mode. Men got this habit because of the evolution and now many men relate the big boobs of girls with more attraction.

Sexy look: Here, I don’t have to prove it that almost all the men think that girls look sexy and more attractive in big boobs compared to small boobs. I agree, some men might have different opinion for same, but if you will check the though from most of the men, then you will also agree with it. Many men think women with big boobs look really sexy and they get more attraction toward them compared to those girls that have small and tiny boobs. Here, I cannot give you any rational explanation for the same, but this is true and all the men get this feeling. So, if you want you can connect it with evolution thing, but that is one more reason because of which men find more attraction toward big boobs.

Horny feelings: Men have this assumption that women with big boobs are actually hornier then those girls that have small or tiny tits. Most of the time men make this opinion on the basis of their previous experiences and sometime they make the opinion on the basis of scientific fact as well. Here, I have complete agreement with this opinion because science also supports this theory. In women’s breast so many sensory nerves are there that are directly connected with sexual feelings and bigger breast means more spot for those sensory feelings. Hence, I agree with this that girls with hot breasts can get hornier compared small tits women.

Other than this, many men have fetish also for girls with big boobs and they don’t find any suitable reason for that fetish. Here, I would not ask men to share the reason of their fetish, because you might not have any explanation for many things and this might be one of those many things.

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