Some men feel women with brown hair look sexy while another man can have a similar opinion for dark haired women. I don’t know what kind of opinion you have for Photos of sexy hot brunettes vs blondessame, but here I am going to share some scientific differences between brunettes vs blondes that can explain why to consider one of them as sexy while other one does not look equally sexy to them.

Sex appeal

According to various studies between brunettes vs blondes, men feel brunette woman look less attractive compared to a blonde girl. In brunettes vs blondes study, researchers showed some photos of girls to men and they asked opinion from men. They showed photos of the same girl in different hair color and researchers realized that men gave a higher rating to those photos in which girls were looking sexy. So, we can say, it all depends on the sex appeal and if girls looking sexy in photos, then men would give more preference to girls of Ponju Escorts.

Personal experience: Sometimes men can have this preference on the basis of their personal experience. While doing a research on brunettes vs blondes, researchers also found that men can have some previous mindset as well for same. If they had good experience with blondes, then they would give preference to those girls after checking their photos. Hence, we can consider this personal experience as one more reason that helps guys to choose a girl from brunettes vs blondes.

Availability part: This is one more reasons that encourage men to choose brunettes vs blondes. Researchers found that if a man is already there with a blonde woman, then he may show interest for brunette women or vice versa. You should not feel surprised with it because its human nature that we all want to get something which we do not have. So, men can feel some girls look sexy in their photos on the basis of their availability as well.


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